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Birds of a Feather


Bird carvings are an enjoyable collection to display. They are quiet, with no clean up. Birds carved of wood and stone have value based on the artist and technique, and of course like all things collected, rarity. Many birds in the collection are anonymous, their maker unknown. I never have been interested in how “real” a bird looks. What I look for is the unique individuality of the carver’s hand.


Click on any image for larger view.  Unless noted below, all birds are Anonymous.


Miles Carpenter (1889 -1985)

Bluejay, c. 1970



Bluejay, c. 1980

Anonymous, Missouri

Crow, c. 1960s

William Dawson (1901 -1990)

I set out to carve every state bird in the United States, just something to do I guess—for the Bicentennial.
— Robert Rowe, 1976