(Above) Official caption: Bread's better ’cause it’s fresher in cellophane (1954)

My caption: “…and after we eat this Darlene, we’ll go kill your father!”

(Above) Pillsbury Cake Mixes, 1954

My caption: “…we eat this, in remembrance of the father, the son, and the Pillsbury dough boy.”

(Above) Baked Ham; National Restaurant Association Magazine, 1957

My caption: “Remember Pippi, we only look at the food. We NE-VER touch it.”

(Above) Post-Toasties, 1958

My caption: “Watch his little expression change when he finds out there’s NO prize at the bottom of the box.”

(Above) Stokely Van Kamp, 1953

My caption: [announcer VO ] “Hey Kids! When Chucky’s not killing grown-ups, he eats Van Kamp’s TENDERONI!”

I came across some very ODD 1950s ads on a website called Plan 59. Plan 59 is a group with a web site out of Fairfax, VA that sells hi-res images from the 1940s and 50s for varied, re-purposed advertising, editorial or personal uses today. So, here are a few key selections for you to enjoy.

Reposted from December 28, 2008.