The Birth
Stump Baby and Nurse Sue
Goodbye Bear and Grey Animal
Rosie’s Tea Party
The Ringmaster

So here I am, sitting here listening to the great Tom Waits sing “Chocolate Jesus” and I start thinking about the painter Mark Ryden. Ryden lives in California (natch!) and his imagery emerges and takes shape from his love of fables, deities, gods, fairy tales, innocence gone bad, truth and falsehoods, 1950s Dick and Jane, dead presidents, bees, dolls, candy, monkeys, big-eyed kids from hell, big-eyed kids from heaven, Tiki culture, Shoney’s Big Boy, puppies, prehistoric stuff, devils, angels, wood nymphs, blood, meat (a whole story in itself) dreams, nightmares, numerology, pop culture, rock stars, religions and other alternate realities. See why Ryden is a god:;

Ryden’s work is represented by Michael Kohn Gallery in Los Angeles and Porterhouse Fine Art Editions in Denver. All work is © Mark Ryden.

An AM repost from 12/04/08