(Above) “Lady with a Squirrel and a Starling”, 1527 by Hans Holbein the Younger
(Above) “Portrait of a Young Girl”, 1460 by Petrus Christus
(Above) “Maria Portinari”, 1470 by Hans Memling
(Above) “Lady with an Ermine”, 1490 by Leonardo da Vinci
(Above) “Portrait of Margaretha van Eyck”, 1439 by Jan van Eyck
(Above) “Girl with a Pearl Earring”, 1665 by Johannes Vermeer
(Above) “Portrait of a Chambermaid”, 1625 by Peter Paul Rubens

Rainer Elstermann is a Berlin commercial and fine art photographer who did this series he calls the “Old Masters” (how about that for a title, huh?) and recreates these art historical paintings with… children. What he has come up with is a 21st century spin on classical art. It’s fun.

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