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HERE’S A LIFE-SIZED, MALE WAX HEAD, 1920s FRANCE that I consider to be incredible. Think of the French artisan who made this... using real human hair, piercing blue eyes made of glass and porcelain teeth—reveling in getting every detail just right. This life-like object was probably used as a display for fabric collars and bow ties in a haberdashery shop. It stands just over 2 feet tall, and is mounted on a marble base. The condition appears to be excellent. My only suggestion—he could use some teeth whitening.

Stay tuned tomorrow, when you’ll get to see “A Very Fine Lady From Italy.” Maybe they’ll get together.

To learn more about this object (like the price), you’ll have to contact the dealer:
Robollo Home
1776 18th Street
San Francisco, CA 94107

Phone: 415-575-1776