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Magazine: Elle Italia, November 2008
Editorial: Evoluzione della specie
Model: Kemp Muhl
Photographer: Ruven Afanador

WHEN I CAME ACROSS THESE FASHION SPREADS FROM ELLE ITALIA, I was immediately drawn more to the props and setting than the fashions. The stylist did a wonderful job of creating a cross between a late 19th century medical office and that of a an alchemist’s shop. In terms of photography, I am seeing a close relationship to these spreads and that of the photographer Joel-Peter Witkin, though not nearly as graphic and dark.

Ruven Afanador is considered one of the leading photographers working in celebrity and fashion photography.

His work appears in most major fashion magazines in the world as well as in The New Yorker. His commercial clients include Arista, Cacharel, Christian Dior, Elektra et al. In the fall of 2001, a decade after his work first began attracting widespread attention, he published his first book, Torero. Within a year Torero sold out and became a collector’s item within the fashion world. Sombra, a collection of male nudes inspired by still life tableaus, was published by Merrell in 2004.

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