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Surfing the world of Russian Web sites and blogs I uncovered this example of horror vacui, the “fear of blank or empty spaces.” This is an exceptional example of a hyper-obsessive personality, usually borne from mental illness or other personality disorder.

Here is all I have been able to learn, but not confirm, and I am quoting from another site:

“The name of the artist was Mitasov, and he was born in the middle of 20th century and died in a psychiatric hospital in 1999. He had a university degree, was an economist, worked as the head manager of a store. When he got sick, he covered everything with inscriptions in several layers. Right now the apartment is all fixed up. Even today, you can still see some of his inscriptions in various places in the neighborhood. Most of the writing is in Ukranian.”

Here is the link to the photos on a Russian Web site: