WHENEVER WE PLAY SCRABBLE, the first word, usually the only word that is ever played with the letter “X” is, of course, “X-Ray.” It’s a great word—very mysterious. So mysterious, in fact, scientists could only come up with the letter “X” to describe it. In fact, my father told me once about a promotional machine installed in his shoe store back in the late 1930s or early 1940s that was an actual x-ray machine. Customers simply slid their foot under the machine, pushed the button and looked down at the screen. Voila! You could see the bones in your feet!

Well, that little cancer causing monstrosity was quietly pulled off the market the following year for causing tumors in people (imagine that!). And who wouldn’t want to wash their hands with x-ray soap or smoke radium cigarettes? I know I would.

In honor of misguided marketing names and the innocence of science, enjoy these few vintage products from the dawn of the nuclear age. Life was a blast when only we had the bomb. ;-)