I HAVE BEEN SAVING THIS FOR A FEW MONTHS NOW, waiting for the right time to spring it on you all. Well, here it is. A video from YouTube sent to me by a friend.

I figured that since it’s Saturday morning, that proverbial day in American culture when sleepy-headed kids drag into the TV room for cartoons, that you ought to have a little funny too.

Saturday morning cartoons—except kids, this is real. This video wasn’t made to be funny. It wasn’t made to be absolutely frickin’ hilarious! It was a SERIOUS Finnish version of the innocuous song YMCA, made in the 1970s.

Now, we all have a visual to go along with the worst song you like to sing. You’ll get over it. Some repress it quickly, and sadly, for some it will take weeks or even months. But you’ll eventually commit this to your repressed memory, like the nightmare it is. Only psychoanalysis (or writing a daily blog) will ever bring it out again.

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