(Above) Rebecca, ’90 Baltimore, MD

(Above) Rebecca: ’90 Baltimore, MD

(Above) Lily White Troupe Series: 97 Cocktails, Harrisburg, PA

(Above) Mason-Dixon Series: ’79 Susan Avery/Susan’s Playgirl Club, Aberdeen, MD

(Above) Mason-Dixon Series: ’78 Penny, Bel Air, MD

(Above) Carole Jean

(Above) Alison ’89 AR and Medallion, Baltimore, MD

(Above) Alison, ’92 Stephen and Tuna Salad, Baltimore, MD

(Above) Alison: ’82 AR Ballerina, Bel Air, MD

THE FIRST TIME I LAID MY EYES ON THE PHOTOGRAPHS BY JACK RADCLIFFE, I WAS HOOKED. I can tell you this, I have looked at a lot of photography in my life, and I am hard to please. Radcliffe is one of those photographers who has a unique ability to get inside his subjects life. What he does is difficult—gaining the trust of his subjects in order to find what is real and what is not. As well, Jack has that special set of eyes—where he can see (and capture) the extraordinary moment within an everyday, mundane, constantly changing experience.

If you like what you see, you can learn more by checking out his Website here. He is also represented on the Behance Network.