I HAVE BEEN OUT OF TOWN FOR A FEW DAYS and noticed that “Laura” is the 500th follower to the Accidental Mysteries blog. So, I am thinking, this deserves some kind of gift or celebration of some kind. Laura will be receiving the “Accidental Mysteries” photo catalog, and maybe some of my wife’s homemade chocolate chip cookies. I’ll think of something.

If you wonder how I calculated the 500th follower, it’s not as easy as counting back from the current number. There are others who follow who do not post pictures of themselves, and they are put together with all the other silhouettes further back in the list (it’s a Google thing). Still, I love them all the same.

I do not know who Laura is, where she lives or how to contact her. So Laura the mysterious, you’ll need to email me at (fosterdesign@charter.net) to receive your catalog, certificate as the Accidental Mysteries Queen for a Day and goody-bag.