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LIKE THE LATE HOWARD FINSTER, ONE OF THE MOST FAMOUS FOLK ARTISTS OF THE 20th CENTURY, a Crossville, TN minister named Horace Burgess says God commanded him to make art. Only in this case, it was not to make over 100 thousand paintings, but to build the worlds largest treehouse. He took the commandment seriously. Minister Burgess has spent the last 14 years of his life building the 100 foot tall structure, which contains some 80+ rooms and dozens of porches, overlooks, nooks and stairways. Built from scrap wood, the site stands in a rural area, but is attracting people from all over the country.

Minister Burgess says he hopes the 10-story structure will bring people closer to God.

If you wish to see this incredible art environment, it is located on Beehive Lane, in Crossville, TN. From Interstate 40, take exit 320 and go north onto Hwy. 298 to Cook Road to Beehive Lane. Admission is free.

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