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ROLAND REINER TIANGCO LIVES AND WORKS IN BROOKLYN, NY. He is a recent graduate of the Parsons New School for Design.

The poster you see here is part of a series of posters—posters that push the boundaries of design. Here’s how it works: the recipient gets the poster in mail, and hands get dirty from powdered pigment on one side of the poster. Eventually the person figures out that the spot varnished type on the clean side of the poster “holds” the pigment to reveal a secret message. The person interacts with the message by rubbing off the “dirt” from hands to the clean side of the poster.

Now, this concept would piss most recipients of the real world off, but I like it. I like this a lot! Imagine 6 million residents getting this in the mail. There would be mass hysteria, make the 6pm national news, and just might make Mr. Tiangco the biggest name in design—after he settled with a few nasty people who would want to sue him for ruining their clothes. And, of course, Homeland Security would freak out that the mailing denotes an “unknown powdery substance.” (So, DON‘T DO IT, ROLAND! You’ll be famous soon enough!)

The size is 19” x 25” open, 10” x 13” closed & packaged. The poster is hand-silkscreened, with envelope. The edition is limited, and is available for purchase for $80 (for those of you who don’t mind getting your hands dirty!)

So, yes folks! The future of design, of science, of art—of anything, belongs to those brave souls who are willing to push the boundaries, who have the courage to explore, to dig deeper, to zig where others zag, and for those who are willing to hear “that’s a stupid idea!” from the small-mindedness of others who seek refuge in the comfort of those places and paths we have already been.

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