HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED HOW MUCH OF HISTORY, as we know it today, is dead wrong? Pieces of scrolls, broken and incomplete manuscripts, mysterious drawings, shards of pottery, oral histories passed down from generation-to-generation that is way, way off—these are the shaky and crumbling foundations on which the understanding of ancient civilizations is built.

Zap ahead 1,000 years or so, to the year 3,000—after wars, natural disasters, biological epidemics—and the fact that digital technology will last about as long as our old VCR did. What will remain will be bits and pieces of our society and culture today—fodder left to future university academics and scholars to reconstruct. Like the mysteries of the Nazca Lines of Peru or the location of the lost city of Atlantis, what would it be like to piece together the remains of one of our greatest rock groups ever?

Here you go—a glimpse into the future... of academic research!