(Above) TEN: Ten hand carved folk art birds, by Bob Rowe, Albert Zahn, Miles Carpenter, William Dawson, Carl McKenzie, and an anonymous carver.

(Above): NINE: Nine heads in a drawing by Gugging artist Johann Fischer (1919 - 2008).

(Above): EIGHT: Eight sets of antlers on an eccentric, bizarre birdhouse by Elwood Graham James (1890 - 1960), Mingo County, West Virginia, c. 1930s.

(Above): SEVEN: Seven tulips in an anonymous, thrift store painting, c. 1950.

(Above): SIX: Six hand-painted hair styles on an African barber shop sign.

(Above): Five: Cinco brand metal cigar box with beautiful color and patina of blue and orange.

(Above): FOUR: Four photobooth photos in one by self-taught artist Lee Godie (1908 - 1995).

(Above): THREE: Three vintage harvest masks, c. 1940, from the Zitlala region of Mexico, used to evoke rain during the Dance of Las Tiacololeros.
(Above): TWO: A pair of painted photo booth vernacular photographs.

(Above): ONE: One round enamel outdoor Coca-Cola sign, c. 1950.

I FOUND THIS VERY OLD CIGAR BOX LAST WEEK, with the word “Cinco” on the front, which became the impetus for this post of finding ten things from our collection with “a number between 10 and 1” personified in the object. It was a fun assignment, walking around and looking for objects to fulfill the assignment. It was Cinco’s fault. Enjoy.