(Above) 19th c. lithographed game board, “The Game of the Sea Serpent.”

(Above and below) 19th c. hand-forged iron door hinges.

I LIKE SNAKES. WELL, SORT OF. I am fascinated and slightly scared of them because of their reputation as slithery, poisonous or evil things. Ninety-nine percent of any story about a snake is not good. But graphically—snakes are incredible! Few creatures in the natural world give you more of an opportunity to energize a space than a snake.

Here are two examples of snakes used commercially because of their expressive form. The first is a 19th century lithographed game board which recently sold for $232.00 on eBay; and the second, a pair of 19th century iron door hinges
shaped into the form of a snake. S-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s!!!! Both from eBay!