(Above) Palette of van Gogh.

(Above) Palette of Seurat.

(Above) Palette of Renoir.

(Above) Palette of Moreau.

(Above) Palette of Gauguin.

(Above) Palette of Delacroix.

(Above) Palette of Degas.

WHAT CAN AN ARTIST’S PALETTE tell you about that artist? Possibly a lot. Interesting how Georges Seurat’s palette, so organized with massive amounts of white, makes you feel like you can match the palette to his style. Van Gogh’s palette, thick with paint—showing the struggle and fight of creating his many masterpieces. Delacroix’s palette may be my favorite. The color is so beautifully controlled, and he has dozens of “dark” and restrained colors. And with Gauguin, I wonder, can we see the color of the Tahitian landscape there?

I remember once getting the opportunity to hold in my bare hands one of Babe Ruth’s baseball bats, and one of his gloves. It was a rare and extraordinary experience few can say they have done. How would I feel to hold a palette that was once held by van Gogh or Gauguin? Incredible.

Via The Telegraph.