(Above) Rai Escale, via here.

(Above) Brody Neuenschwander, here.

(Above) Kurt Schwitters, via here.

Hannah Höch, via here.

(Above) Angela Paez, here.

(Above) Lucas Biazon, via here.

(Above) Mary Daniel Hobson, via here.

(Above) Mark Wagner, via here.

(Above) Nicole Natri, via here.

(Above) Donald Baechler, via here.

(Above) Joseph Cornell, via here.

(Above) Paul Cava, via here.

(Above) Eduardo Recife, via here.

(Above) Hanneke Treffers, via here.

(Above) Barbara Nessim, via here.

(Above) Tony Fitzpatrick, via here.

HERE ARE SOME OF MY FAVORITE COLLAGE ARTISTS. The danger with any list is that one is always going to omit a few greats, but if you like this particular art form, pick an artist you like and learn more. Of course, the big three are Kurt Schwitters, Hannah Höch and Joseph Cornell—and you’ll have no problem finding lots of information on this group.