(Above) Hand-carved of hardwood; these chairs were apparently modeled after a rare 18th-century chair which sold for over $100,000 at a New York auction. By oral tradition, they were part of a set custom-ordered by actor Vincent Price. However, Price died before they were delivered. Via here.

(Above) Appalachian snake handler; via here.

(Above) Six foot circular painting of an eyeball, by Marc Quinn. Via here.

(Above) Tashrih-i badan-i insane; Persian manuscript, ca. 1400-1500. National Library of Medicine.

(Above) The first X-ray image, 1895; The announcement of Roentgen’s discovery, illustrated with an X-ray photograph of his wife’s hand, was hailed as one of mankind’s greatest technological accomplishments, an invention that would revolutionize every aspect of human existence. Via here.

(Above) Big-ass tree: via here.

HERE’S YOUR WEEKEND DOSE of images. Take with full glass of water and I’ll see you Monday.