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There are two exhibitions that can be booked for your art museum, gallery or exhibit space. 



I.  Accidental Mysteries: Extraordinary Vernacular Photography consists of 75 framed, ready-­to­ hang vintage snapshots in 11 x 14 inch black frames. Additionally, you may select up to 15 framed enlargements of other images to add visual pacing and scale to the exhibition.

These images challenge the notion that snapshots are simply family mementos. While they are and can be that, the images in this exhibition have by accident or intent, become something one might expect to find on the wall of a museum. 

The fee to book this exhibition is $3,000 for up to 3 months. Since each venue has unique size and space requirements, each curator may hang the exhibition as you wish or a plan can be provided. Basic exhibition requirements include that the venue provide insurance door­-to­-door,  plus shipping (within reason, I will be able to rent a van and deliver the exhibit to your venue for basic travel and rental expenses). Invitations and PR is the responsibility of each booking institution. Please contact me to discuss.

To view images from past exhibitions, click here.


This 40-page color catalog is available for the show which can be sold at the exhibit.

II.  Accidental Mysteries: Self-Taught Art and Extraordinary Objects consists of up to 50 framed images and sculptural objects. Works by self-taught artists such as Nek Chand, Felipe Jose Consalvos, Inez Walker, Ken Grimes, George Widener, Johanne Fischer (from Gugging), Lee Godie, Jesse Howard, Eugene von Brunchenhein, Melvin Way, Jimmy Lee Sudduth, J.B. Murray, Henry Ray Clark, David Butler, Howard Finster, Sam Gant, and numerous objects by anonymous artists from the 19th and 20th century.

Inquire for details. To view images from past exhibitions, click here.


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